The Empty Wooden Rocking Chair

The pain and suffering I felt taught me the value of treasuring and appreciating people while they’re still alive, for time will come that they won’t.

Rocking Chair on Porch

The dusty photo albums on a fragile table. The coffee that turned cold from her absence. The familiar feeling of a once happy scene. The empty wooden rocking chair. The wind frolicking the curtains and rays of sun lighting the old rocking chair. A feeling of Nostalgia filled me with memories of the past and suddenly, without my consent, tears gushed from my eyes. In that moment, I didn’t care if anyone saw me in my crying state. I just want to see her smile again. I just want to be by her side again. I just really want to tell her one last time “I love you grandma”. But alas, she won’t hear it anymore.

It was so sudden. Nobody expected it nor did anyone dared to take it as joke. The news filled the house with grief and it made my mind go black in shock for a moment. My Great-Grandmother Inang, as we call her, passed away today. She was already 90, but is still strong and healthy. I couldn’t believe it. I kept on asking whether it was true, but when my dad finally stood up and said we’re going to visit her burial in Bataan, then I knew everything I was real.

My young mind couldn’t take it. I went to my room, locked the door and just cried in grief of her loss. She was so precious to me. And yes, if ever I could go back in time, even if given the privilege just once, I would certainly go to that old rocking chair to meet her smile once again. I would tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her right now. The pain and suffering I felt taught me the value of treasuring and appreciating people while they’re still alive, for time will come that they won’t.

So after reading this, tell your mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, and everyone whom you care about how much you love them, how much you honor them, how much you care for them. Let’s not wait for them to be in a coffin to buy flowers for them or tell them “I love you”. For certainly, when that time comes, they won’t be able to hear it.


Degrading morality by passing a law


Around 20 percent of Pinoy youth surveyed, had been engaged in pre-marital sex.

National Statistical Coordination Board

Increased prevalence of Pre-Marital sex in the Philippines defiles the government’s decision to pass the RH Law which permits teenagers to buy and use contraceptives without their parents’ knowledge and consent.

The RH law or Republic Act No. 10354 was created in 2012 and passed in 2014 in the effort of subduing abortion by permitting teenagers to purchase contraceptives and condoms. Contrary to its’ supposed effect, it instead promotes and escalates the prevalence of Pre-Marital Sex. According to the 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study or YAFS, the prevalence of Pre-Marital Sex in the Philippines increased by 14 percent since the establishment of the law.

The very thought that contraceptives are available and permitted gives rise to a mentality that sex is now consented outside marriage. Contrary to Filipino ethics that sex is a sacred sentiment, only in the borders of marriage. Indeed, People will all the more be encouraged to engage in pre-marital sex because contraceptives are tagged “allowed” by a law made by the Philippine government.

Furthermore, by the increase in the prevalence of Pre-Marital sex, the University of the Philippines Population Institute or UPPI concludes that 1 out of 3 Filipino youths aged 15-24 has engaged in premarital sex. This translates to about 6.2 million youth who have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage, according to UPPI’s Maria Paz Marquez.

The morality of the Filipinos determines the Philippines’ integrity. Demolish RH law as it promotes Pre-Marital sex. Shame on the government for passing the law, for sadly, they already erased the once pristine and innocent image of Filipino youths as “Dalagang Filipinas”.